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Summon the Chouffe



Chouffe is the magical Belgian beer with great taste and a fun spirit.

The brand is known for hosting the worlds smallest toast but also having some of the biggest parties! The flavor profiles for each beer range from refreshing 'Summer Soliers' to Mc.Chouffe, with its deeper, darker spicier tones, each beer features a different gnome and instantly lends itself to the idea of 'Gnome Spotting.' 

Utilizing a wicked-fast augmented reality SDK from Metaio and working with Apptitude Digital, we created an app that does just that; spots the gnome and tells a story though cleverly animated little features illustrated by Michael Dziekan.


In addition to Gnome Spotting with the app, you could also Gnome Yourself - just snap a shot with you face inserted into one of the templates and share with you're friends on social feeds. Sharing the magic & lore of these magical brewers brings a connection to the tradition and place where Chouffe originated and where its soul lives.

Available in iTunes or Google Play App stores.

Client: Chouffe USA
Creative Direction: Tommy Giovagnoli and Trevor Oldershaw
Copy: Tommy Giovagnoli
Design and UX: Pamela Gonzalez
Developer: Apptitude Digital
Illustrator: Michael Dziekan
Producer: Leslie Edelman
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