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Everyday should be a good hair day.


Thankfully Aquis came along to help us understand our hair better. This thirsty little towel (and turban) soaks up moisture faster than all other towels and with less fiber-pull on your hair cuticles.


There is plenty of data that sits behind this miracle microfiber towel and the new website helps explain all that you need to know with hair truths, a blog and yes a science page. 

The site was built using the Shopify platform, Lexi; a master at manipulating the code while Major P. project managed, created new content and leveraged what we could. The creative team was a virtual and global powerhouse of can-do spirit while sales have soared and social media engagement continues to flourishing.

Aquis has carved out a new niche in the hair category as turbans are fast becoming a chic favorite for men, women and children worldwide.

Art Direction - Faizia & Ragnar

Copy - John Grant, Leslie Edelman

Web Developer - Lexi Ehrman

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