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Celebration of Craftswomen

The Women's Building of San Francisco is a pulse point in the heart of the Mission District. The range of services they provide excludes no one and supports many with access to childcare, translation services, an employment center, financial and tax services and more importantly a food pantry. The building owned an operated by women for women, rents space to non-profits and provides the community meeting and event spaces. Truly, the Women's Building is a hub of activity and information.

The Celebration of Craftwomen began in the 1970's, when the building was first purchased. A group of women knitted, made enameled 'pink triangle' pins and set up a fair inside the building. The crafts fair grew into an annual celebration of supporting femininity in every aspect, as the entertainment, electricians and event producers. Major P. considers it an honor to have been handed the torch in maintaining this event and continue the legacy.

Under the guidance of the Arts Fair Committee and the TWB board, our own team of amazing women produced the fair for 4 years from top to bottom including all budgeting, facility logistics, staffing, security, advertising/promotion and artist outreach.

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