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Saints and Sinners
Ommegang WHMEASA Manifesto


Where Heaven Met Earth and Stayed Awhile.

Ommegang is from up-state New York, in America's favorite baseball capital Cooperstown. But, what folks might not know is that the region was also home to some of the lushest hop fields in the country.


Ommegang began brewing their Belgian-inspired beer in a place where - seriously, you just feel closer to heavens. With a wide range of spices and seasons its easy to see how this little beer company has become such a huge success.

Working with a small collective called Phun&Dunn, we developed beer stories and lore for each beer, while also designing a new brand platform that drives home a revised promise of being an exceptional beer and destination.

CD / Writer - Tom Giovagnoli

CD / Art Director - Trevor Oldershaw

Design - Pamela Gonzales

Producer - Leslie Edelman

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