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Major Productions Crew


Partnership, Understanding and Execution

​Major Productions plays a key role in creative development for the advertising and marketing industry. Inspired by the rich tradition of marching bands, we're at our best when we're being intellectually challenged, imaginative and driving towards a goal. 


That marching band mindset works well in a wide variety of projects and initiatives, because we all know, talent, intention and attitude is what makes great teams do awesome work. Major P. typically works on branding programs and advertising campaigns, but often there are extensions of our efforts that have led us to work in app, web and software development as well as event management and zany gorilla tactics. 


Major P. was designed to be able to be able scale up or down as we work with a strategists, writers, producers, animators, editors, photographers / videographers, developers and designers who are uniquely assigned and qualified for each project. Based in San Francisco we serve clients of all stages, from start-ups, legacies, corporates and non-profits. We continuously work with and network with our partners and vendors throughout the Bay Area and beyond, making great connections that result in less hassle and more hustle.

Whether we're creating Kickstarter campaigns, strategic communications plan, go-to-market plans, ecommerce sites, mobile app production, online advertising or full blown traditional campaigns - these projects have given us an edge in holistically integrating your brands unique potential. We use a wide range of tools for management and are fluent in task and content management systems as well as advanced Agile/SCRUM methodologies.

Do not hesitate to call us about possible or impossible projects. Contact us to learn more.

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